About Me

My name is Ali English and I’m an interior designer, herbalist and artist living in Lincolnshire, UK.

I adore interior design, and have done for as long as I can remember, with a particular focus on and love of mythic, magical interiors that have a timeless quality to them. I love to use upcycled and antique furniture and accessories where possible, accented with hand made accessories and soft furnishings, plenty of luscious paint effects and metallic paints, and lots of stencilling, with a goal of creating warm, welcoming and inviting spaces that have a certain ‘different’ quality to them and plenty of wow factor.


I began my career as a herbalist, and this love of plants certainly informed the décor in my first two homes, before expanding to include elements of historical design and lots of stencilling. I began to design and cut my own animal stencils around ten years ago, and now provide stencilling services as well as individually designed and cut animal, bird and plant stencils.


I adore antique furniture and hunting for treasure in antique shops, boot sales, charity shops and anywhere else I might think one can be found, and thoroughly enjoy exploring and browsing for unexpected treasures wherever I might end up, though I’ve now got a ‘one in, one out’ policy for my home due to space constraints!

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