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"This is a recommendation for the excellent interior design work by Ali English.


When we moved into Lincoln, we were fortunate enough to find ourselves a Victorian townhouse. As both of us had separately wished for a location like this, we were very keen on making the most of its period character and features, although we were somewhat hazy about the exact details we wished for. Knowing Ali as a friend and artist, we approached her to see if she would be interested in restoring some character and personalisation, specifically to the dining room with an eye to other areas thereafter.


Ali led us through a very relaxed and informal consultation, throughout which her keen eye was picking out details and features to enhance. She listened to our ideas and correctly gauged our styles. She gave us some initial ideas to think about and, as time was not at that point an issue, gave us some days to think about her suggestions.


Frankly, we were fairly astounded by how good even these initial thoughts were, and on her deftness with colour combination suggestions and realising the artistic possibilities of each room. She was also careful to make sure that the work would suit us, and reflect our own wishes and characters. On her next visit, we confirmed details with colour swatches and stencil illustrations she was able to provide, many of her own design. She again discussed these with us to finalise the choice of colour, style and decoration that we would want. She agreed a sound and reasonable price and timeframe, and we set to get started.


Ali arrived exactly on time, with all her materials and artwork prepared, to work on the initial painting. She set to with astonishing speed, while ensuring an absolutely immaculate finish. Thereafter she began to add stencil borders, and hand-painted silver birch tree pictures. The only input she required of us was to check that we were happy with the work as it was progressing.


The finished product – completed well within time and with no quibbles about the budget – is staggeringly beautiful. The room retains complete functionality while attaining an elegance and understated opulence that we could not have imagined, and that completely falls in line with our personalities and wishes… The artwork is intricate and subtle, delightful from the corner of the eye rather than being overt and tiring. To say we could not be happier is something of an understatement. We were also impressed with her professionalism and business acumen. We shall, of course, be asking her to do more of her excellent work around the house in the very near future.


Chris Jolliffe, 22 October 2019"

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